p. paniscus

my name is sara. i am an idealist.

trait snapshot: rarely irritated, positive, tough, non phobic, fearless, likes the unknown, self reliant, high self control, confident, trusting, strong instincts, prudent, optimistic, willful, altruistic, strong, high self concept, adventurous, practical, thoughtful

by tomorrow afternoon i will be in california. by tuesday evening i will be en route to hong kong. by thursday i will be in the kathmandu valley. namaste, tumblr. see you in three months.

but i fell for you, honey, as easy as falling asleep
good intentions paving company- joanna newsom

lucifelle: Nepal

where i will be in four days. i am brimming with excitement.
He was part of my dream, of course — but then I was part of his dream, too.
Lewis Carroll

i want a hedgehog sooo badly

Kirra Jamison